Wallis helped a Suffolk based manufacturer expand into new overseas markets and as a consequence the 1st shipment took place in the summer of 2013. The client was a very successful manufacturer with strong markets in the UK and mainland Europe. However increasing levels of interest from overseas buyers persuaded them to embark on an overseas expansion. Wallis were involved very early on in discussions with the manufacturer and we worked together on a logistics plan which covered the following key areas.

    • Packing requirements at destination and packing requirements for overseas transport
    • Examining hazardous cargo requirements
    • Destination documentation requirements
    • Marine Insurance
    • Securing payment for the exporter via a letter of credit
    • Most cost effective and timely modes of transport

This up front consultancy is all part of the service that Wallis are able to offer their clients.

Alex Ball, Sales Director of our client commented: “When we received the initial interest from Brunei about our brand, it was an exciting time for the team. However, our immediate concern was about how we were going to get the machine safely and securely overseas”.
“Thankfully, having Wallis Shipping as a partner has meant that the extremely complex process couldn’t have been more straightforward and our machine has reached its destination intact.”