Logistics for Olympics and sporting events

We are the right people to call when you have cargo or promotional merchandise to move for an event or exhibition around the world….

Our track record of event logistics includes:

    • Small dedicated teams working for a sponsor / event.
    • International logistics at sporting events – World Athletics, Olympics, Team GB, Euro Football and the Football World Cup.
    • International logistics for art exhibitions including large sculptures and museum artefacts.
    • Integrated supply chain solution for high profile brands.

Our experience: WillisShoot1

    • In time deliveries for International shows.
    • Sourcing – promotional goods, markings, branding (in accordance with the event’s guidelines, checking proofs).
    • Importing – controlling transport from source to delivery, organising customs clearance.
    • Documentation, duties and taxes, HMRC.
    • Warehousing – secure storage, fulfilment operations, pick n pack, co-packing and labelling.
    • Transport – from ports and airports post clearance, to a nominated delivery point, PODs,  timed deliveries UK and overseas.
    • Control – Exportease tracks & traces all export and import transactions. Reports on activity (volumes, values, spend) and on specifics (eg/ royalties).