Wallis offers a specialist service, which can operate as a stand alone or as an integral part of our full freight management solution.

We have an enviable record in working through Letter of Credit export documentation. We can complete all documentation on your behalf – commercial invoices, packing list, bills of exchange – as well as the shipping documentation, all with perfect precision. Our own in-house software solution, Exportease, ensures all documents conform to regulations so you get paid for your exports!

Whilst you concentrate on your core business requirements, let us handle your documentation. Wallis is often recommended to exporters and importers by major UK banks – and by our satisfied clients.

The International Chambers of Commerce ratified in October 2006 new Uniform Customs & Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP600 1/7/2007) which superceded the UCP500 which has been in use since 1994.
Copies are available from ICC UK: publications@iccorg.co.uk

For your information here is the brief  list of the changes:

    • A new section of “definitions” containing terms such as “honour” and “negotiation”
    • A replacement of the term “reasonable time” with a definition of number of days for examining
    • And determining compliance of documents
    • An expanded description of “original documents”
    • Changed practice for notice of refusal
    • Re-drafted transport articles

Wallis are approved service providers of Letter of Credit services for both Essex and Suffolk Chambers of Commerce, whereby Chamber members benefit from discounted rates for this service

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