Need help with shipping cargo that’s overweight and overheight? We can send it. We have shipped everything from luxury yachts, classic cars, submarines, cranes, large building materials for sports stadiums, oil and gas equipment, and even parts for space shuttles and aircraft. We are eager to take on new challenges – our record of accomplishment speaks for itself. Let us work with you to create a cost-effective solution. If it needs to be moved today, chances are we will already know the best method of getting it there!

      • Global handling capability
      • Project logistics consultancy
      • Charter management for sea and air
      • Tailor made solutions
      • Export packing, consolidation and order expediting
      • Extensive project portfolio
      • On-site operations
      • Dedicated project teams


Wallis offers specialised knowledge of many sectors, such as:

Vessel berth Ship Charter 2

      • Environmental; renewable energy schemes
      • Water treatment; Portable water; supply and treatment systems
      • Electrical power and energy
      • Oil and gas process
      • Transportation and transmission systems
      • Marine engineering

The element that brings all of our projects together is our expertise – we are the single line of communication between buyers and sellers, senders and receivers, or contractors and service providers. With no assets tied up in vehicles and equipment, we are free to select the transport solutions that suit your budget.

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