Wallis Shipping logistics training and consultancy

What differentiates us from many of our competitors is that our training and consultancy is based on actual practical experience within the industry. We can offer advice in all aspects of freight and logistics. To us, every detail matters.

Our trainers and consultants are full-time freight and logistics professionals who customise courses to suit your exact requirements, on-site or off-site, in the UK or overseas. Our successful track record includes work for commercial companies, chambers of commerce, international banks, NGO’s and UN bodies.

Expert guidance is available on the following topics:

    • INCOterms®
    • International payment methods and Letters of Credit
    • Customs procedures
    • Packing and storage
    • Sea, air and truck-based operationsWillisShoot8
    • Documentation
    • Warehousing and distribution; set-up and operation
    • International procurement and negotiation policies.
    • Procedures and operations
    • IT systems consultancy

Contact us training@wssl.co.uk to find out how we can tailor these courses to your specific needs.