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Championing women in freight for IWD23

Happy International Women’s Day (IWD)!

Every year International Women’s Day is an opportunity for people to join together to celebrate and champion women and their achievements around the world.

Did you know…78% of our company and 88% of our senior management team are women?

We’ve also enhanced our maternity, adoption and sick pay policies to above government-suggested figures, and introduced a new shared parental pay policy to support families in balancing childcare responsibilities. We are proactively looking at ways to support women during menopause and with menstrual leave.

The female management and Flakt Woods teams at Wallis Shipping

Here are just some equality facts about Wallis Shipping:

  • We are continually focussing on supporting gender diversity

  • Two of our client site offices have teams consisting entirely of women

  • The combined service by women within our company calculates to a total of 150 years and 9 months

  • We work without bias and understand completely the benefits and rewards that can be achieved by embracing this ethos

Our Commercial Director Jenna said: “To be amongst such a strong group of women is a great testament to the company’s focus on advancing the careers of women within logistics, and to prove to youngsters this isn’t just a male-only profession anymore.

“My mum, who co-founded the company with my dad over 35 years ago, taught me a strong work ethic and that it was normal to be a working mum and a woman challenging stereotypes in a male industry. Freight was notoriously a boys club but I would often see her at conferences as the only woman in the room and not think anything of it as she held her own. I like to try to emulate the same confidence and approach now, as unfortunately, the industry is still not entirely equal”.

Jenna, who is now one of two females on the Board of Directors of the British International Freight Association (BIFA), is spearheading a new “Females in Freight” industry group to promote the profession to women and help diminish the gender pay gap and bias.

Jenna Morgan, Commercial Director at Wallis
Jenna, our Commercial Director champions equality in the workplace

At Wallis we truly understand the advantages that come from being inclusive within the workplace across genders and the gifts, skills and power that women can bring to a business – so in turn how important it is not to leave them behind. We are fully engaged with International Women’s Day’s dream of a world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination.

We’ve built a workplace where women can thrive, without bias, which we are really proud of. With strong female representation in leadership, it can only mean a positive future ahead that continues to champion women in business and to provide the same opportunities across genders within the freight industry.


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