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Exporting Overseas: Top Tips to Expand Your Food and Drink Business with Wallis Shipping

For over 35 years, Wallis Shipping has specialised in food and drink logistics around the world. Based in the East of England, we are uniquely positioned among a range of agricultural, farming and food industries, and within easy reach of two of the UK’s largest ocean freight ports.

One of the best ways to grow your food and drink business is by exporting overseas, but there are some important factors to consider before taking your business overseas.

What do you need to know before expanding your business overseas?

Before expanding your business overseas, you need to know and understand factors such as, what compliance is needed and the different importation taxes in countries. To help food and drink businesses breach international markets, we are hosting a free online webinar, in conjunction with Tastebuds Collective on the 5th of June. This informative session will be led by our Managing Director, Stuart Gregory and our Operations Manager, Nathalie Vallee.

During the webinar you will discover top tips on expanding your food and drink business, including:

-       What compliance is needed

-       Tariffs

-       Post Brexit advice

To reserve your free place, click here.

What are the benefits of exporting food and drink products overseas?

Market Expansion

Exporting overseas allows businesses to tap into new markets. Access to larger markets results in the potential for increased sales and revenue.


Relying on one domestic market can be risky. By diversifying and reaching new markets, you reduce the dependence on a single market, spreading risk across multiple regions.

Seasonal Demand

By exporting to regions with different climates and seasons compared to the UK, you could help balance out seasonal fluctuations.

Exporting overseas offers multiple benefits to a food and drink business by opening new growth opportunities. At Wallis Shipping we understand how to manage the challenges that come with food and drink shipments and are here to help you from start to finish.

What does Wallis Shipping do for food and drink businesses?

At Wallis Shipping, we can assist you with the exportation and importation of a wide range of food and drink products including:

-          Confectionary and Chocolate

-          Teas and Coffee

-          Non-alcoholic cocktails

-          Snacks

-          Malt

-          Pet food

How can we help with your food and drink logistics?

Get in touch with our expert team to find out how we can help export your food and drink products overseas. Book your free place on our Exporting Overseas: top tips for food and drink businesses webinar on the 5th of June.


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