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Shipping Lines Rerouted in The Red Sea Due to Recent Vessel Attacks

At Wallis Shipping we provide updates to our customers on anything happening around the world that could impact the shipment of their cargo. These updates include current issues and restrictions to importing and exporting overseas. Whether cargo is being transported using Air Freight, Ocean Freight, or Road/Rail Freight, we aim to keep our customers informed about their shipments.

This month, we advised our customers of the recent commercial vessel attacks in the Red Sea. Due to the attacks numerous shipping lines that were/are scheduled to pass through the Suez Canal have been rerouted via the Cape of Good Hope to ensure the safety of crew members, vessels, and cargo.

Due to the situation in the Red Sea, there are various elements that are affecting supply chains. Transit times have been extended to 10 - 20 days and the need for refuelling enroute due to the diversion and port congestion has further compounded the likelihood of delays. In addition, the introduction of Contingency, Fuel, War Risk, and Privacy surcharges from all shipping lines, along with other elements outlined in our February update is also impacting supply chains.

When further information becomes available, an update will be issued to our customers, ensuring they are up to date with any new developments.

With over 35 years in the global freight forwarding, logistics and transport industry, our experienced team can manage your imports and exports wherever they need to be. Get in touch to see how we can help you.



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