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Wallis Shipping attend Walla Walla Partners Conference in Italy

As one of the founding members of Walla Walla Logistics, we were delighted to attend the Walla Walla Partners Conference this year in the beautiful city Milan, Italy.

The conference which was held in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam last year allows shipping companies the chance to network, share knowledge and build connections with logistics professionals around the world.

About the conference

We were welcomed to the conference by this year’s host, OTIM, Italian based international shipping company and one of Walla Walla Logistics founding members.

To kick off the first day of the conference, we focused on this year’s themes:

-       Carbon Measurement

-       Business Continuity and Succession Planning

-       Cyber-attacks and IT Security in Shipping

On day two, we heard from guest speaker, Gerardo Segat, International Leadership Coach, who delivered an insightful talk on the changing landscape of effective leadership in today’s dynamic world.

The two-day conference was preceded by the OTIM Golf Cup on 8th June at Carimate Golf Club, near Lake Como. Attendees were also invited to attend a walking tour of Milan and enjoyed two conference dinners.


Left to right: Sue Gregory, Daren Wickham, Mario Carniglia, Benjamin Ong, Stuart Gregory, and Jo Ong at the OTIM Golf Cup, 8th June.


Walla Walla Logistics Partners on a group guided tour of the cathedral in Milan


Ship Green Launched at Walla Walla

At Wallis Shipping we are striving for a greener future together with our customers. During the conference, Jenna Morgan our Commercial Director, launched environmental logistics planning tool, Ship Green.

The global transport and logistics industry emits high greenhouse gas emission rates and transport and road traffic produce fine particles that pollute the air. In today’s world, where environmental impact is on the forefront of everyone’s mind, it’s important that as freight forwarders, we do our bit to help educate our clients on the most sustainable options for shipping overseas.

Jenna created Ship Green to enable businesses to calculate their carbon footprint so they can become aware of their environmental impact. With a community of environmentally minded shippers and agents, Ship Green can help businesses understand their environmental impact and share best practices, news, and research to help them reduce their emissions.


Commercial Director, Jenna Morgan, launches Ship Green at Walla Walla Logistics Partner Conference


About Walla Walla Logistics

Walla Walla Logistics, founded by our Managing Director, Stuart Gregory, Kent Ranners, Managing Director of Holship in Denmark, Vijay Anand, Managing Director of Kronos Logistics India Private Limited, and Benjamin Ong, CEO of Alliance 21 Group is a premium logistics network of global independent freight forwarders that each have strong regional specialisms and international relations.

Walla Walla Logistics offer a seamless service provided by strong local specialist companies, backed by a reputable global organisation. Each country is serviced by dedicated member companies, to ensure that the interaction and co-operation within the network is highly personalised and all members are committed to business development. 


Map showing the global support of Walla Walla Logistics


How can Wallis Shipping help you?

Get in touch to discover how we can help export and import your goods overseas. Find out more about Ship Green and use the free carbon footprint calculator today.


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