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Importing and Exporting to the USA

With over 35 years in the global freight forwarding, logistics and transport industry, Wallis Shipping can manage your imports and exports into the United States of America.


Are you interested in shipping to and from America?

Why export to the United States of America?

There is a huge market for British branded goods in America due to the UK's strong reputation for quality products. Due to the large market, there is a diverse range of opportunities for exporters. The US has a vast network of cultures and nationalities along with a broad age demographic. UK exporters looking to explore different markets in one geographic location can benefit from this. The UK also has a long trading history with the US, meaning there is a greater degree of payment security.

Line graph showing import and export value UK/US

The graph* above shows the total import value (into the UK from the US) and export value (from the UK into the US) from 2018 - 2022. 

*data provided from the Department of Business & Trade.

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“Quite simply, they care. Wallis takes the time to understand what we need, have the depth of experience in the team and the global reach of resource giving them the capabilities to deliver solutions at a reasonable cost with me as the customer at the centre of their focus, and more than that, I trust them to do an excellent job.”

David Press - Head of Operations for Three Spirits

What to consider when importing and exporting to America?

When it comes to importing and exporting with America in mind, planning is key. Knowing the dimensions of the goods you are shipping, understanding the market, and being aware of packaging and the environmental impact are just some elements you need to consider when transporting goods. Doing market research at the beginning of the project is essential to save you both time and money.

Depending on the destination, your budget, and the goods you are transporting, we will work with you to determine the best shipping method. If your goods need to be transported quickly, we will look into using Air Freight. Alternatively, if you have larger shipments that do not have a specific arrival time, we can transport your goods using ocean freight which is the more cost effective option. 

Depending on the location, we can assist you with overland transport once your goods have arrived in America. This usually involves freight trains as a more economic and efficient way of moving goods. If the delivery is more local to its primary location, this can be completed using road transport. 

At Wallis Shipping, we can work with you to optimise how your goods are shipped. Providing us with the dimensions, weight, and list of goods we will choose the most efficient method to ship your goods, ensuring they arrive safely and on time.

What documents do I need when exporting and importing to America?

The specific documentation needed for exporting and importing to and from America depends on the goods you are shipping. Each product category may have restrictions or certain requirements. Doing your research beforehand ensures no last minute delays or extra costs. If you would like advice on exporting or importing in America, get in touch with our expert team who will work with you to ensure your shipments are processed correctly and arrive safely.

Some of the areas our clients specialise in are
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Food & Drink
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Energy & Renewables
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Construction & Engineering

The sooner you interact with a shipping company like Wallis Shipping, the more cost effective and efficient the process will be.

We understand how to manage the challenges that come with importing and exporting overseas.

Here at Wallis Shipping we can help you with the whole process.

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