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Road and Rail Freight

For cargo movements across Europe and to Ireland we can source any type of vehicle or road haulage service from our trusted suppliers. We handle full and part truck loads throughout Europe and offer cost-effective solutions with added value through our high levels of customer service of which we are renowned.


Our UK distribution service includes arranging your deliveries for export either to continental Europe or deep sea destinations. This includes haulage for all sorts of trailers, standard containers, flat racks and open tops. We can also provide vehicles that will lift and load your containers from ground level. Using your cargo specifications we can help by working out the exact vehicle type required calculating the width and height to comply with all route and safety regulations. Where your cargo is too wide or too high, we will source the correct low loader units and comply with all route and safety requirements.


Our road and rail services can also make it easier for our clients importing into the UK where cargo needs to be customs cleared, deconsolidated and then distributed to its final destination. Working with you we can help minimise the transit time through the arrival port by ensuring your documentation is correct and arrange to load the cargo onto a truck for your UK delivery as soon as is practically possible.

We can arrange to provide vehicles capable of delivering your cargo where you may not have adequate unloading facilities or where the cargo is out of gauge and requires specialist handling.


At Wallis we have been heavily involved in a national low carbon logistics initiative to switch container shipping from road to rail logistics with great success. We have also been working with a number of clients on projects to bring cargo from China to Europe via the new overland rail route and freight trains which offer potentially quicker transit times than sea and cheaper prices than airfreight. If you would like to ship your cargo by train we can organise competitive, low carbon intermodal rail freight services.

How Wallis’ experienced road and rail logistics team can help you:

  • Highly skilled freight team monitor cargo through every stage of transport

  • We can source any type of vehicle

  • Intermodal-rail services

  • We can provide all sorts of trailers, standard containers, flat racks, open tops and can also provide vehicles that will lift and load your containers from ground level

  • On site supervision of cargo loading / discharging

  • Detailed route surveys

  • Access to skilled escort delivery drivers and vehicles

  • We can arrange customs clearance, deconsolidating and distribution for UK imports

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