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Wallis Shipping has built up extensive expertise in humanitarian logistics, transporting medical and first aid supplies around the world to where they’re needed. Our regular clients include some of the world’s best-known international charities, healthcare providers, international NGOs as well as innovative aid companies providing complex medical solutions for the developing world.


The global medical logistics projects we continue to handle include self-contained mobile first aid stations, medical supplies involved in the treatment of long-term health issues and equipment for providing safe drinking water. We have also assisted our clients with disaster relief logistics to respond to crisis situations created by extreme weather events around the globe. By chartering aircraft we can supply much-needed disaster supplies such as shelters, blankets, tents and water storage systems.

For shipments involving medical and humanitarian equipment, it is always necessary to ensure that you receive advice from Wallis in advance. This way we can ensure that any country requirements for documentation can be adhered to prior to shipment along with any customs duty issues at the destination. Another area we will advise on is the necessary packing requirements together with an assessment as to whether sea or air freight is the most suitable logistics solution.

In many cases, the final destination for our medical and relief logistics will be in hard to reach destinations but our service is complemented by the detailed local knowledge of our hand-picked global partners. With our combined expertise, we are able to respond to the most difficult and demanding logistics requirements.

Wallis’ Humanitarian Logistics Experience:

  • Airfreight solutions to landlocked destinations

  • Door-to-door solutions

  • Experience in responding to aid and humanitarian emergencies

  • Emergency air charters and chartered vessels

  • Temperature-controlled cargo for medical supplies (Envirotainers)

  • Arranging shipments from 3rd country suppliers

  • Dedicated highly skilled project teams

  • Experience in handling diverse range of cargoes from medicines to high-tech machinery

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