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Specialist Vehicles

With the attention to detail that you can always expect to receive from Wallis Shipping, we are able to apply our project management skills to handle specialist car exports and the transportation of luxury vehicles.


We can offer a fully comprehensive vehicle transportation service whether by sea, road or air which will ensure your valuable vehicle is carefully looked after; the security of your vehicle is paramount.


With Ro-ro’s, single vehicle carriers, multi-car carriers and specialist car container packing services at our disposal, you can decide which elements of our service suits your requirements.


In the past we have transported all types of vehicles, including racing cars, classic and vintage cars, retro campervans, motorbikes and mobile homes as well as boats and luxury yachts. We are currently working with Handmade Travel, a UK operative who specialise in exporting touring classic and luxury cars.


The element that brings all of our car shipments together is our expertise – we are the single line of communication between you and the shipping line or airline. With no assets tied up in vehicles and equipment, we are free to select the specialist transport solutions that suit your budget.

How Wallis can help with specialist vehicle and car shipping?

  • Arrange collection of your vehicle if required

  • Source most appropriate road, sea or air transport options for your destination

  • Prepare vehicle for shipment, packing where required and securing and loading into car containers

  • Photograph your car and supervise all stages of the process of container loading/unloading or aircraft pallet loading / unloading

  • Organise road escort and road plan if required (for boats or larger vehicles)

  • Arrange vehicle customs clearance

  • Provide Goods in Transit car shipping insurance if required

  • Through our trusted global partners provide destination services

  • Arrange the onward delivery of your vehicle if required

  • For any vehicles you import we can also provide options for long term secure storage

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