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Exportease Shipping Software

As part of the services we offer, Wallis Shipping have developed a unique software application that links together your supply chain known as Exportease.

Exportease enables you to effectively manage your freight management processes. Furthermore, it helps to improve the efficiency of your dispatch department due to producing essential trade documentation and also accurate management reporting.

This unique shipping software can be used as a stand-alone system or it can be fully integrated into your existing ERP and/or financial systems. It can be used throughout your business from production, warehousing, distribution through to sales, purchasing and finance departments. Designed to enable you to manage your logistical processes, it can produce the documents required for all types of shipments, whether they be export, import, domestic or cross trade and transported by Sea freight, Airfreight or Trailer.



As well as documentation and reporting, features include a container tracking system to allow you to find your goods wherever they may be in the world.

Many of Wallis’ own export clients have had a personalised version installed into their systems to ease their in-house logistics and production department workloads.

For further information or to enquire about a free trial visit or complete the enquiry form below.

Exportease software application enables you to:

  • Plan import, export and domestic dispatches

  • Raise international and domestic trade documentation

  • Track and Trace Shipments by vessel name, container number and MAWB number

  • Process and track Letter of Credit shipments.

Exportease is:


  • Premises or Cloud based

  • ISO-3166 aligned

  • UN-LoCode ready, with over 90,000 worldwide ports

  • A powerful tool that can be integrated into any logistical process

  • A cost effective tool to manage your supply chain.

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