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Air Freight

Air Freight

In a fast-moving world, customers are frequently needing goods delivered as soon as possible which is why air freight services are becoming increasingly important with time sensitive, urgent consignments. Air freight is often the fastest, most secure and most direct mode of transport for your exports and imports.

At Wallis Shipping we offer a full range of air freight logistic solutions from small urgent cargo couriers to full air charter services, plus oversize air freight project cargo.

With our widespread network and worldwide freight forwarding partners on hand we are able to offer a door to door service anywhere in the world, or just arrival to the nearest airport. With our air freight import service, we are also able to help organise the customs clearance and delivery for air cargo arriving into the UK.

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Are you interested in shipping goods using air freight?

UK Exports

Wallis Shipping’s freight forwarding office in Slough is just a short distance away from London Heathrow, one of the world’s busiest cargo airports and the main hub for UK exports. We have strong relationships with the cargo airlines and preferential rates with global courier companies to offer you the best and most competitive service, and can even offer collection and delivery to and from London Heathrow and UK airports.

Can Wallis Shipping reach remote locations?

At Wallis Shipping we often use air freight logistics to reach remote locations where communication links don’t support sea and road operations. We frequently deliver foreign aid to landlocked regions of Africa and as such air transportation is the best method for perishable goods.


Will I be updated on the progress of my shipment?

With the speed at which air freight travels it’s essential we stay in close contact to ensure you and the buyer are kept informed of progress. With our air freight software, Exportease and AWB tracking we are able to keep you fully updated on the progress of your shipment. Our air freight logistics team are known for their high levels of customer service and quick response time and are ready to route your goods to or from any worldwide airport whether there is a need for consolidated cargo or a direct air service. With our detailed knowledge we are able to offer you flexible and dependable scheduling solutions to avoid your business unnecessary delays.

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What are the advantages of Wallis Shippings Air Freight?


  • Consolidated cargo

  • Air charter services

  • Air freight project cargo

  • Air cargo insurance

  • AWB (airwaybill) tracking

  • Air freight software and documentation

  • Collection and delivery

  • Warehousing and packing / unpacking services

  • Logistics management & consultancy

  • Commercial documentation and customs clearance

  • Letter of Credit services

  • Hazardous cargo


Some of the areas our clients specialise in are​​


Food and Drink
Food & Drink
Specialist Vehicles
Specialist Vehicles
Hazardous Material.png
Hazardous Materials
Humanitarian Aid

Air freight is favoured for its speed, reliability, and convenience, making it a popular choice for shipping.

Here at Wallis Shipping we can help you with the whole process.

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Air Freight

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